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    A mobile food concession operating in Westchester & Fairfield counties offering fresh-cut, twice-fried, and seasoned fries.


    Our mission is to provide our customers with quality fries that are  fresh-cut, twice-fried, and deliciously seasoned.  

    We cater to offices, schools, private events, weddings, festivals, and more in both New York and Connecticut.   

    Our menu is flexible, and with notice, we can create the perfect savory or sweet fry order for your special event.

    When our customers want French Fries, we want them to automatically think of American Fries!

    unlike the others

    Our Multi-step Cooking Process


    American Fries’ multi-step process produces the best crispy and well-seasoned fries.  

    We select pre-washed grade A potatoes.  For nutritional value and to enhance flavor, we leave the potato skin on.

    Our fries are fresh-cut, and twice-fried in canola oil and then tossed to eliminate any excess oil, and evenly seasoned.


    Dedicated fryers make our fries completely gluten-free. 

    American Fries' Original Menu


    Enjoy our American Fries with any  seasoning and dip of your choice from  our Flavor Station.

    American Fries offers a variety of seasonal Specialty Fries.

    Enjoy our distinctive Chips on a Stick and Potato Dog (AF’s version of the corn dog), and a family value meal of Chicken Tenders and Fries.  Soda fountain beverages are also available.

    Click here to view all of the unique and delicious American Fries' menu items.

    The Flavor Station


    At American Fries we offer our customers the opportunity to create their own fry order.  They can dress up to taste their American Fries, or any other menu item  with seasonings and dips from our unique Flavor Station.

    We understand that customers always look for more options, and we offer them the freedom to customize their fry order into something new and delicious.

    Our cooking process, original menu, and Flavor Station are what clearly set us apart from the competition.

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